How to Tune Into Your Intuition

August 9, 2006 at 8:35 am | Posted in Consciousness | 3 Comments

Alot can be said about intuition. Most people swear by their intuition say it is never wrong and has always guided them in times of trouble. But how do you connect with your intuition? How do you know when its genuine guidance as opposed to other messages? Or how do you know when you’re following guidance that is good for you?

I like to take a holistic approach to get a clearer picture. Here are some ways to do just that:

1) Become Aware of your Feelings. How do you feel? Really, at this moment? How aware are you of your own feelings? About your feelings about your dog, family, job, etcetera? Our feelings tell us alot about how we view our lives and living in this world. While our feelings are not the be all and end all of everything we experience, they give strong clues to what’s going on in our lives.

2) Learn When the Universe is Pinging You. This is fun. Usually when I’m not paying attention to anything in particular, I might get a strong impression from someone in my life or perhaps a future event or feeling. These happen sometimes out of the blue but often when someone is giving you focus. Next time try this activity. When you get a strong thought out of the blue about someone, call them or write them. See if they say something to the effect like “Hey, I was just thinking about you!” Try it on friends who are more aware, have them ping you and see if you can feel when they do.

3) Listen to the Good Voices in Your Head. This may sound a bit strange, but if you have voices in your head, or noise, do you know what it is saying? And if you are aware of the noise, what does it try to direct you to do? Often times we are directed, unconsciously, by the preprogrammed voices in our heads that dictate us to do its bidding. Here is an easy way to tell good guidance from bad guidance. Guidance guides! It does not demand or force or tell you what to do. It gently lovingly gives you input. So forget about the other ‘guidance’. Follow the guidance that gently guides you.

4) Understand Your Impulses. Do you ever get these hunches that when you’ve followed them through have lead you to unexpectedly to where you needed to be? Ever find that you were in some place just at the right time? Well, that’s your guidance giving you a heads up. Those impulses are fun ways to explore our inner worlds and where they lead us.

5) Read Books on Spirituality. This might seem really easy, and it is. Reading different books on spirituality presents new concepts that you might now have considered before. And this can lead to new awareness and perhaps a new perspective.

6) Use a Tarot Deck. I love using a Tarot deck, but probably not for the reasons your think. I view the Tarot as a graphical way to communicate with your subconscious. Its fun and easy to do. It also allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind while accessing information kinesthetically. Its great when you want another angle on a situation.

7) Study Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is a technique that allows you access information that is unavailable to the regular five senses. Its a way of tapping into the vast network called the collective consciousness. The process and technique has developed into a sophisticated system that is regularly used by the Army. Here’s a good place to start reading about it.

8) Explore Its like going to psychic 101. A great place to start with lots of good guides and explore fun ways to explore your natural abilities.

Good luck, and live consciously!

Namaste 😀



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  2. Wow! Some great ideas there!

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