Creating Lasting Change

August 21, 2006 at 11:16 am | Posted in Consciousness | 1 Comment

To create lasting change, there must be an irrevocable shift in perspective.

Nothing else in my experience has created and sustained more lasting change in my life.

But how do you arrive at this new state? This new perspective?

It almost like reaching an event horizon, a point of no return. In self development, its an awakening. And after this awakening, its like seeing the world with new eyes. You see things in a way you haven’t seen them before.

I recently went through one of these event horizons in my life and it has changed me and how I view my life forever.

It was acknowledging personal responsibility for everything in my universe.

It started when I was reading Steve Pavlina’s blog about the Law of Attraction. The article focused on how all the energy you put out into the universe comes back at you, manifesting into the life that you are creating. It emphasizes that no one else is responsible for your life and your universe, and that we are the sole creators of our own reality.

Its almost like an energetic boomerang, except that this boomerang is what the universe throws back at us. This boomerang is the result of our thoughts, feelings, energies, and vibrations, the collection of energy we throw out. I’ve read about this Law of Attraction a lot, but for some reason it didn’t sink in no matter what I’ve tried.

Steve’s article really set this (new) principle into motion. When I realized that I was responsible for everything that was occurring in my life, I really want to change. I didn’t want all the scary things that were happening in the world, or the negative things that were happening in my life. I wanted to have all the beauty and nice things that were coming to me. That I knew were just around the corner.

But in all honesty, I wasn’t ready for total responsibility. I wanted to have some time off from all this responsibility stuff. I wasn’t ready to commit yet.

Then, a few days later, something drastic changed.

It came to me as I was walking home. I realized that while I may not want to be responsible for my life, I’m still accountable.

The universe still holds me accountable for all my energy that I throw out to it, and it responds to it whether I put out positive or negative energy.

Realizing that, wow, I’m totally accountable, I’m 100% accountable for everything in my life, was the major shift I needed. Even if I want to escape responsibility, or hide, or deny the fact of this Law of Attraction, the universe still holds me accountable.

That’s what hit home.

I started to take total inventory of my thoughts and feelings, seeing where I was at in my life on many levels. And honestly I didn’t like what I saw.

I started to check into my thoughts and realized that I have so many negative thoughts floating around! Unresolved feelings about my past that were influencing my present.

I like to consider myself a reasonably aware guy, but all these negative thought patterns where still there, lurking in the background.

And then there were problems at work and…

You can see how they start to add up.

I couldn’t continue on this path of unconsciousness anymore.

I had what I would call a spiritual breakdown.

It was like a panic at a psychic level, realizing that I am accountable for everything that is manifesting in my life, and that I couldn’t escape it. All my problems, my job, my relationships, my life, all come from me and how I’m projecting my energy.

Great, I thought. I was kind of slumped for a few days. Its not fun realizing that you’re the sole cause of all your problems in your life. Its not fun, but I’m glad I had that realization.

It was that realization that created the irrevocable shift in my perspective. Now, I can’t go back to thinking I had in the past. I can’t go back to unconsciously having negative thoughts. I can’t go back to blaming anyone other than myself. I had to take total responsibility for everything.

I was at a place where I couldn’t hide or make excuses or run or use any other methods of avoiding my present life. I was almost like I just let it go. I had to drop a whole lot of thinking I had stored up in my subconsciousness because I couldn’t allow it to stay there anymore.

After my initial slump, ironically, having a new perspective became more empowering than I thought it would be. I started to feel more in tune, more aware and more conscious. I felt that all the good in my life happened because I intended it to. I stopped validating the bad that happens, I couldn’t excuse any of the bad thoughts or energies that I send out, because what could I possibly gain from them? They only affected me, and I didn’t want that anymore.

You are accountable for your energies on a universal level. It does not discriminate. It only responds. Once you realize this, you are one step closer to attaining personal freedom.

Its shifts like these that lead to lasting change, because from your new place, you cannot possibly go back to thinking the way you did before.

Once you have these major changes, you can feel confident in yourself that you’re heading in the right direction, because you know you can’t go back.

What is more empowering than knowing you’re on the right track?



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